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Xcode Keyboard Shortcuts to improve productivity

Xcode is the most popular IDE for development of iOS/MAC OS X applications. This blog will cover some of the keyboard shortcuts that I find myself using the most.

Preferences ⌘,
Documentation ⇧⌘0
Activate Console ⇧⌘C
Toggle Debug Area ⇧⌘Y
Documentation for selected text ⌃⌘? or ⌥ + Click
Quick Help ⌘?
Jump to definition ⌘+Click
Switch between .h and .m/.mm file ⌃⌘↑ or ⌃⌘↓
Show Assistant Editor ⌥⌘↩
Show Standard Editor ⌘↩
Toggle Navigators ⌘0
Switch Navigators ⌘(1-7)
Toggle Utilities ⌥⌘0
Build & Run
Build ⌘B
Analyze ⇧⌘B
Run ⌘R
Profile ⌘I
Test ⌘U
Clean ⇧⌘K
Clear console ⌘K
Code Navigation
End of line ⌘→
Beginning of line ⌘←
Top of file ⌘↑
Bottom of file ⌘↓
Next word ⌥ →
Previous word ⌥ ←
Next subword ⌃ →
Previous subword ⌃ ←
Center selection ⌃L
Goto line ⌘L
Find in file ⌘F
Find in project ⇧⌘F
Find next ⌘G
Find previous ⇧⌘G
Code Editing
Show completions ⌃Space or esc
Next completion ⌃.
Accept completion Tab
Next placeholder ⌃/
Previous placeholder ⇧ ⌃/
Comment selection ⌘/
Fold method/class ⌥ ⌘←
Unfold method/class ⌥ ⌘→
Edit all in scope ⌃⌘E
File Navigation
Go forward ⌃⌘→
Go back ⌃⌘←
Open quickly ⇧⌘O
Show related items ⌃ 1
Next issue ⌘'
Previous issue ⌘"
Fix next issue ⌃⌘'
Fix previous issue ⌃⌘"
Add/Remove breakpoint ⌘\
Toggle breakpoints ⌘Y
File template ⌃⌥⌘1
Code snippet ⌃⌥⌘2
Object ⌃⌥⌘3
Media ⌃⌥⌘4

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