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How to hide unwanted Xcode 8 logs

After upgrading from Xcode 7.x to Xcode 8.0, We have just noticed that console is showing random unwanted logs. Those unwanted logs are called OS ACTIVITY logs. If you do not want those unwanted logs to be displayed on your console, then you can easily turn off by adding an Environment Variable to Project’s Debug Scheme.

In order to disable follow the below steps.

  1. Go to Product > Scheme > Edit Scheme
  2. Click on the Run on the left side menu, then on the Arguments on the top.
    1. By clicking the (+) sign add following entry to the Environment List:
      Value: disable
  3. Click on Close

That’s It.




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      Wow! You’re like our own personal on-the-ground news correspondent. Great blog entry. Too bad Newsweek can’t pay you for th32;#8si0&maybe in a few years. See you soon!

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